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Welcome to High School Band! 

Strategy to Implement Band Help with Reading Dakota Step Test

When studying band literature, locate the climax of the song.  I plan to extend my written tests (that I have given to the MS students) to the HS band students.  I will give these tests following our major performances: 
1.  Veteran's Day
2.  Christmas Concert
3.  Pops Concert
4.  Small Group & Large Group Contest
I will have them analyze a song using the music terminology.  Also emphasis the cultural and historical context of the music that we study.

Music Standards for Grades 9-12

1. Students will use the performance of music as a means for creative expression and communication
2. Students will communicate their thoughts and ideas through the creation of music.
3. Students will read and notate music.
4. Students will listen to, analyze, and evalute music.
5. Students will understand music's relationship to society, the other arts, disciplines outside the arts, history, and culture.

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